Delivered on November 15th, 2020 for the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Franklin, NC. With so much pain and uncertainty in the air, what can we be grateful for? How can we even think of Gratitude at a time like this? We will look back on the past year and envision the future of our Faith and nation.

Delivered December 27, 2020, at Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists – With the New Year right around the corner, we all are faced with many challenges, some old and some new, the mix. Challenges from addictions, violence, corruption, envy, strife, brokenness, COIVD, and the list goes on. Join us as we discuss and work to address our time's challenges and look towards the new year. What does this year Call us to do moving forward? What are you leaving behind in the old year, and what are you bringing with you in the new year. 

Sermon Title: Labor of Faith and Love Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalists-Odessa Sermon Blurb: So much has changed both in the nation and in our faith movement since this time last year. We have faced a global pandemic, threats to our very democracy, systems of ongoing racism, and police violence. Our faith communities have been scrambling to address all of these concerns of life with love while also holding in recognition all the labor involved in leading a nation into the future.