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Great Loving Spirit Grant Us Healing

A prayer offered to the Great Spirit for a young Trans Man of Cheoake ancestors whom I met in the hospital who has experienced great harm in his life at the hands of society and religion. "Would you mind praying for me?" He asked, "but I'm unsure how I feel about God. Can we pray without God? Does that sound dumb?" I assured him that did not sound dumb and asked who we should pray to, and his eyes lit up with joy at the question. Great Spirit, he said with a smile!

Great and Loving Spirit of the Universe, source of all that is sacred, keeper of our earthly pain, and giver of our strength and inspiration, be present in this room and our lives. Great Spirit, our lives have been ones of unrest, sorrow-filled moments. Moments that have left many feeling a deep sadness in our hearts and have been the raging fire known to consume one's memories in the dark and looming night. Great and Loving Spirit, forget not your children, who seek refuge in your loving embrace, forget not your children who seek solace in the forest, admit the breeze and nestled among the mighty trees. Great Loving Spirit of the Universe brings us the gift of peace we long for, reminds us of our worth, and removes the pain we know all too well. May it be ever so and blessings upon and thank you, Great Spirit.

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Roger Butts
Roger Butts
Aug 18, 2022

Perfect. Roger Butts, Colorado Springs.

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