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Fresh Starts, TraumaHealing, Resilience, and Liberation

By; Roddy Biggs

Aug: 7th 2021

If today you began to write a new chapter in the story of your spiritual journey, what would you title it?
Still is the morning amidst the clouds; Still is the morning upon the Mountain-top; Still is the morning here; why not there; Slow, slowly, emerge each day to the beauty that awaits you In the mornings' mist and with the rising sun. Slow, give yourself space, give yourself time, most of all, give yourself the grace of love. While it might be painful, you must remember. It would help if you remembered; the pain you know all too well; remember the hurt that rests deep within your bones; remember your strength; remember your worth and dignity.
Slow, slowly remember who you are, remember your sacredness and divinely created beauty. To slow down, to remember, to heal will be a journey and a challenge; it will take time, but such time will be ever worthwhile and may prove to be just the liberating journey you need to take at this moment. Slow, still is the morning admits the mist of the mountains.
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