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Dreams, They Matter

My Dreams They Matter:

Though at times I may forget who I am or who becoming, My Dreams they Matter: when I make space for all that is; When I move away from that which no longer serves me, When I make space for the new possibility in the circumstances;

My Dreams Do Matter: They matter; they hold many truths and many turning points; they matter; though at times I may convince myself they don't, they do, for they call me back in time and forwarded still,

My Dreams Matter; They Matter, as they pull me in inward and yet simultaneously push me outside of myself as well; My Dreams Matter, they matter as they speak to the breath of love, of pain, of hope, that rest deep in the fabric of my blood and bones;

My Dreams Matter: as they are connected to the dreams of my ancestors; connected to all who have graced this earth before, who grace it here and now, and will be connected to all who grace this earth, when I, when we, grace this place no more; my dreams, they matter, your dreams,

They Matter, Our Dreams They Matter, They Matter

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