Welcome friends; take a look around this space; engage with it, make it just as much your space as it is mine. Conversations are always welcome, so know that you may reach out at any time.

My wish for each of you is that you know you are worthy of love, that you know you have inherent worth, and that you may be filled with a spirit of great love and compassion in every moment and every day of your life.     

In Faith, Love, and Healing, 

Roddy Biggs  


Roddy Biggs


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Worship Lead: 

UU Young Adult Revival Network

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UU Mental Health Network

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Unitarian Universalist Association

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Roddy Biggs Biography

Answering a Great Calling 

My name is Roddy Biggs, and my personal pronouns are He/They/Them.


I am a recent graduate of  Middle Tennessee State University, holding a Bachelors's degree in religious studies with a minor in sociology. In the fall, I will be continuing my education at Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois, as I pursue the Unitarian Universalist ministry. As of December 2020, I am also an official aspirant for the ministry with the UUA.


Currently, I am a member of the First UU Church of Nashville, where I am a worship associate and serves as co-chair for the Social Justice Ministries. In addition to the work in my local congregation, I am also serving as Worship Lead for the Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Revival Network, am a member of The Board of Directors of Unitarian Universalist Mental Health Network, and work as a lay-speaker on Sunday mornings whenever I have the opportunity to do so. I have a passion for speaking on and addressing many topics historically left out of religious spaces, including mental health challenges, queerness, and multiracial identities. 


I have been blessed and privileged to have many opportunities to lead worship service at various UU places of worship across the country, some in person and some virtually, and I see each one as a blessing and great experience as I prepare for years of ordained ministry. One of the many joys in this work is hearing about the impact I have on the community I've spoken at. I invite you to see for yourself what some are saying


If you have heard me preach and would like to share your testimony, I invite you to so as well. Here: Share A Testimony.

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Rev. Linda Simmons:

UU Nantucket

 Senior Minister 

Roddy participated in service & preached over zoom to our Nantucket community (which is nation wide during these zoom times). They were open hearted, welcoming, honest and thoughtful, as well as engaging! Blessed to have met and learned from them!!


Tobi Weisbond:

Spirit of Life UU, Odessa, Fl

 Chairs Worship Committee

We have had the privilege of hearing Roddy on several occasions and always look forward to their return. Roddy's sermons are thoughtful and thought-provoking and their delivery is well prepared and well thought out.


UUC of Cookeville, TN

Norma Scarlett: Board Sunday Service Coordinator

Having heard Roddy a number of times, I can tell you that they are very prepared, and organized. Roddy is able to share their own life experiences, and does a very good sermon. They are pleasant and real and gives the listener something to take home and think about.